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The Alpha warlocks' Claim

Cancel your plans, witches and warlocks! You're invited to tonight’s Firewick Festival.

Taking multiple lovers is a family tradition. Hell, it's a witch tradition, but Charice Brixton isn't having it. She doesn't have time for a man, let alone two powerful warlocks. She's perfectly fine running her magic shop in Kala West, Florida with her sisters.

Until she's forced to attend the Firewick Festival, a biannual gathering with stuffy board members overseeing the match of witches and warlocks in hopes of creating the perfect triad. Magical speed dating at its finest. Charice would rather have a root canal. She's willing to use her powers to keep from going, even if it means the wrath of those in charge. That is until two hotter-than-hell men walk into her shop and alter her plans.

As powerful warlock enforcers, Kye and Warren carry out the laws within the magical community. It only makes sense for them to find a mate equally as strong. When they meet Charice, her magic calls to them. Only she can help complete their Mystical Triad, the binding ritual that increases all of their magic abilities. One that involves a lot of power and a lot of sex.

The Alpha warlocks' desire

Cancel your plans, witches and warlocks! You're invited to tonight’s Firewick Festival.

Curvy witch Claire Brixton is in no mood for a party, especially one that’s supposed to match her up with two strange warlocks. Her experience with one warlock was bad enough. Besides, she has responsibilities to think about. With her big sister away enjoying her own sexy Perfect Triad match, Claire has to oversee the magic shop and try to keep their youngest Brixton sister from burning it down. 

When Claire finally discovers her two gorgeous warlocks, she's taken aback by the magical chemistry between them. It's enough to both scare and excite her. One touch makes her crave more of them. However, memories of the past linger in the air, and insecurities and doubts from old hurts threaten to stop their bond before it even starts. The imperfect warlocks have their own issues too, and Claire isn't sure that if she accepts them as hers, they'll accept her in return.

Jett and Axel are a newly formed Warlock Pair, but Jett is far from ready to accept a Perfect Triad Bond with a witch, even if it means a stronger, more stabilized magic for them all. Axel, however, is more than ready to find their third. Even as friends, the two Alpha Warlocks are barely able agree and get along with each other, let alone merge their magic with another. 

But when these powerful Alpha Warlocks save Claire from two over-zealous warlocks at the festival, history and the present merge into an encounter that fills them with intense desire for her. They can't see the curvy earth witch joining with anyone else but them. 

Is Claire strong enough to use the sexual and magical connection she has with these alpha male warlocks to heal them so they can create a future together?

sword delicacy

Come, one! Come, all! For, The Erotic Circus demands it.

Step right up and blow your top under the big top. The Erotic Circus is in town, and being a freak is the new normal. Whether human or supernatural, these exotic wonders will satisfy your deepest desires. Ringmistress Zelda guarantees it. For a price that is, and she doesn’t mean money. As the Ringmistress says, everyone deserves a night to release their inner freak.

Alex has always had a soft spot for sharp things. Daggers. Swords. Katanas. After all, he doesn't go by Depth-Defying Alex for nothing. But even the sharpest knife can use a crisper edge. When his first Night Patron, Chloe, challenges his own sexual threshold, he might just be the one who ends up cut with ecstasy.

Chloe's friend drags her to The Erotic Circus, but her expectations are low. Watching Alex perform certainly raises them. She can't help but be mesmerized by him. The man does know his way around sharp objects. But when the chance to become his Night Patron arrives, will one night of passion be a letdown or prove Alex to be an act Chloe remembers?

Claiming Lucian

Welcome to Lustania! Where the women rule and the men submit.

When Korina isn't winning battles for her homeland, she makes it her duty to train her male servants properly in the arts of pleasure. After all, their service is an honorable gift bestowed by the goddesses to be enjoyed by the women warriors of Lustania.

But Lucian, her latest war prize, offers a silent challenge. The man has not spoken since she saved him from his prior cruel mistress. That doesn't worry Korina because after the night of domination, bondage, and passion she has planned for Lucian, he will be screaming her name and begging for more.

What to expect when you're expecting a shifter

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